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Seven And An Eighth tells a story of the Pleiades Sisters that is personal, full of heart, and looks at patterns of energy created by their work throughout world history. We see their work upon this planet through their relationships as sisters, mothers, and lovers. Our vision of the spiritual master needs to leave the top of the mountain and be claimed as an integral part of our identity as human beings. Embedded in their story are practical spiritual tools and lessons for us all.

Our first novel is published!


Astrological readings By Crystal Doll

Your Spirit chose the day and time of your birth and the exact planetary configuration that would reflect the personality traits you would bring to this lifetime, with all of the karmic lessons, joys and obstacles to assist you in becoming the whole YOU that you can be during this particular lifetime.

Crystal Doll will provide you with an accurate and vastly informative chart and description of the planetary alignment of your Natal Chart and discuss how to achieve the Wholeness you were born to experience.

Natal Chart and Professional Report: $45

Natal Chart plus 1 hour consultation and interpretive discussion: $75

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